• Build a space to create a dialogue with our children about patriotism, loss and honor...a space
to recognize a community's collective sacrifice from the past to the future, all for
a way of life we frequently take for granted.

• To provide a venue that can be what it needs to be, for those who worry or those who mourn
...a display of motion-filled leaves above, and of golden, still, Fallen-Soldiers’
leaves beneath the “Tree in Honor.” 

To Honor
A tribute to all service personnel through a venue that can recognize each
and every one of them
by name

A Military Family Tree for every community in the nation

To Educate
A place for school children to be exposed to a visual reminder of just how many individuals it takes to protect our freedom

A place to remind us all of their commitment, dedication and sacrifice

To Inspire
A contemplation area surrounding a visibly and audibly inspiring
work of art

A quiet spot to sit beneath
a magnifeicent wind-chime tree filled with shimmering dog tags as leaves

                 THE VISION


for a Tree in Honor
within your community
include, Veterans Memorials, civic centers, parks or any other
easily accessible
public space
All "Tree in Honor" installation layouts will be identical with the exception of multiple tree installations in larger cities, that will be comprised of a row or circle of trees.

Centered in the installation will be the Tree in Honor, surrounded by the Fallen Soldier tag area, that will be enclosed by a protective barrier. Beyond the barrier will be the contemplation area with bench seating.


The base material for an installation will
vary but must be comprised of concrete for the Fallen Soldier tag area. Beyond the Fallen Soldier tag area and beneath the contemplation seating area may be concrete, pavers, bricks and may include grass or stones.

Bench seating will be consistent for all installations and will be comprised of fully servicable corrosion resistant materials.

Bronze signage in honor of our donors will be mounted on the stanchions at the ends of each bench.


As part of our Stewardship Program, we encourage
the implementation of a
Lighting of the Trees
on Veterans day and Memorial Day each year

Red, White and Blue light
is to be cast upon the
silver tree in honor
of that day, our veterans
and the addition of new
names to be placed
on and under the
Tree in Honor



It's not in the details but in the tribute. A country whose cities and states come together
with a common goal
of honoring these
brave men and women
by giving their loved
ones the ability to
emboss a name,
an important name
on a Tree in Honor