From determining which project locations show the most veteran and public support, to engaging those communities, all the way through the process of municipal review and acceptance of a
Tree in Honor installation.



Community Identified

​• Interest Received

• Fundraising


Veteran Involvement

• Stewardship Commitment

Engage Municipality


• Municipal Review

Acceptance / Objection

• Site Determined
Upon Municipal Acceptance

An appropriate site will be determined for the Tree in Honor installation. Certain factors
exist that must be considered in choosing an appropriate location
•  Level area of approximately 900 sq. ft. (30'x30')​​

•  Clear, easy access, assuring ADA compliance

•  15' diameter concrete area for Fallen Soldier tags

•  Concrete or suitable surface beneath seating area

•  Location within publicly accessible property

•  Carefull consideration given for future expansion​ *

* This is a "Forever Project" in which service personnel who
have not even been born yet, can be honored
once their time comes.